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Mitchell Simmonds, 3 Parker House, Admirals Way, Canary Wharf, London, E14 9UQ

Tel : +44 207 7199 777

About Us/Our Ethos

We have a formidable and successful experience in dealing with substantial as well as complex disputes – particularly in litigation and arbitration matters, often arising from domestic or cross-border business undertakings.

Dedicated expertise in dispute resolution

By our dedicated specialisation in dispute resolution, we are focused and, only do what we know how to do best: Dispute resolution. We play to our strength and win for our clients, complex and novel claims and cases, using our deep, specialist expertise and know-how in bringing practical solutions to diverse and complex disputes. No matter the complexity and/or size of a dispute, our approach is to device a strategic and robust solution – by making concise, clear, sound, and forceful representation in each individual case. If you are involved in a dispute where the stakes are high and/or looking to manage any adverse impact arising from a dispute that is important to you and/or your business interest - whether domestic or international, speak to us to explore how we can be of assistance.